Steem Engine

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Last Steem Update: 22/10/2004
Latest Steem Version: 3.2

Welcome to the official Steem Engine web site. Although Steem is an English program, Steem users have translated it into many other languages, including [your language here]. The process to download Steem is quite simple, first you need a copy of the ST operating system TOS:

Click here to download [your language] TOS versions 1.02 and 2.06

Now you need to download the Steem Engine itself:

Steem (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) (608Kb)

XSteem (Linux, 486+, X) (1.3Mb)

Just download the zip file and decompact it to the directory where you want Steem to stay. If you have an older version of Steem all you have to do is replace its files with the ones from the zip, your previous configuration will be kept.

Finally you have to download the file that translates Steem into [your language] and decompact it to your Steem directory.

Click here to download the [your language] translation by [translator's name]

That is it, you are ready to go, just go to your Steem directory and run "Steem.exe". We hope you enjoy using the Steem Engine.

[Translation Note: The next bit only applies to French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian translations]

The rest of the Steem web site is in English, but using a service by AltaVista called the Babel Fish it can be automatically translated into [your language]. It will not be as good as a human translation but you should be able to understand anything important.

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